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Summer Colour Fun Run
The Summer Colour Fun Run ... Click for more information.

5 Km walk or run on the U of L Campus
Saturday, September 20th
ULSU Health and Dental Plan Opt-Out
ULSU Health and Dental Plan Opt-Out

All fulltime students are automatically registered on the ULSU Health and Dental Benefit plan. If you have alternative coverage you are eligible to opt-out of the ULSU plan.

Online opt-out is available at the following link: www.uleth.ca/bridge/twgkwbis.P_WWWLogin under the Registrar’s Office and Student Services tab.

To opt-out you must complete the opt-out form and provide proof of alternate benefits by the September 19th deadline.

Alternate benefits must be extended benefits; provincial coverage is not an acceptable benefit.

Please check out the ULSU health and dental plan, it may be combined with your plan for additional benefits.

If you have any questions regarding opt-out or any problems with the online form please contact Shelley Tuff at su.health@uleth.ca, 403-329-2039, or in the Students’ Union office at SU180.

Part-time Student and Family Benefits

Part time students are eligible to add on to the ULSU health and dental plans if they wish to do so. Benefits are $136.35 for health coverage and $111.10 for dental coverage for a full year (September 1 to August 31, 2015).

Students may add their dependants to the health and dental benefits. The cost to add dependants on is $272.70 for health and $222.20 for dental benefits for a full year (September 1 to August 31, 2015).

To add on yourself or your dependants you must submit an add on form and make payment to the ULSU. The deadline to add on is September 30th.
ULSU 2011-2015 Strategic Plan

The Executive Council and the General Assembly have passed the newly revised ULSU Strategic Plan that will guide the Students`Union through 2015. Click the link below and read the entire document online on the website`s newly created Strategic Plan page. 

Strategic Plan

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