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The Zoo is Hiring!
The Zoo is hiring servers for next semester! Experience is preferred but not necessary. Please drop off your resume at the Zoo on level 3 of the SU building, or email it to Shawn Mullen at pub.manager@uleth.ca.
Market Modifiers
You've most likely been hearing about Market Modifiers lately, here's the story so far:

The University Of Lethbridge is looking to implement two Market Modifiers. Both submissions have been approved by the Board of Governors (minus the student representatives on the Board). The submissions will now go to Government, where they will either be approved or not. If approved, they will go back to the Board in December for a vote on whether to implement them or not.

This proposal seeks to implement a tuition increase of $10/course, beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year for every student regardless of major and faculty. This will not be grandfathered in. The fee is set to "ramp" up for the two subsequent years; $20/course, and finally $30/course. That represents an additional $300 on top of what you are currently paying, given two five course semesters. Keep in mind that as of last year, you are also paying hundreds of dollars extra in Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees, which were increased from $12.50/course to $37.50/course in 2013-2014. This is, in fact, not a true market modifier, according to the definition that the government has provided, but a general tuition increase.

This market modifier will be grandfathered in, and will affect any students registering or transferring into the Faculty of Management after April 1st, 2015. The fee will be $100/management course for students registered in the Faculty of Management, with the fee "ramping" up to $125/management course the following year, and finally $150/management course the year after that. This represents a cost of thousands of dollars to students looking to take a Management Degree, and, in addition, it limits accessibility to all majors within the Faculty. Different specializations, such as Accounting or Human Resources have different numbers of required management courses, resulting in certain Management Degrees becoming more expensive than others. Furthermore, we were only notified of this proposal with mere days to go before the deadline for government submission. In fact, the University is not completely certain where the money from this proposal will be allocated. In the past, market modifiers implemented at other Universities have seen the majority of funds raised be put into Operating, and not the Faculty they were supposed to fund.

For more information contact Sean Glydon at su.president@uleth.ca.
ULSU 2011-2015 Strategic Plan

The Executive Council and the General Assembly have passed the newly revised ULSU Strategic Plan that will guide the Students`Union through 2015. Click the link below and read the entire document online on the website`s newly created Strategic Plan page. 

Strategic Plan

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