ULSU Food Bank

Why The ULSU Food Bank Exists

The Students' Union understands the financial constraints involved in post-secondary education and the difficulty in making ends meet.  To help through the difficult times we offer students a Food Bank to provide food hampers during periods of highest need.

Am I Eligible?

If you are a current student at the University of Lethbridge you are eligible to receive a hamper.

Who Uses The ULSU Food Bank?

Our clients each have their own story.  We have helped students who have been in emergency food situations due to their student loan not coming in on time, unexpected car or health care payments, personal crisis, and other budgeting issues.  You are not alone in needing help.  Last year we helped over 300 students.

How To Get Help From the ULSU Food Bank

  • Hampers will often be made in advance and kept in the Students' Union office (Rm SU180).

  • Please email the food bank 24 in advance at food.bank@uleth.ca

  • In your request email, please include if you are single or a family, if you have any dietary requirements, and when you will be by SU180 to pick it up.  Please allow at least 24 hours to create your package as the Food Bank is no longer located in the SU office.

  • When you come to the ULSU reception desk to pick it up, you will be asked to present a valid student ID card and to fill out a  short food hamper request form.

  • All information given in the form is confidential and is used for statistical purposes only.

  • You will be given a hamper which is designed to help you for one week.

  • Each person is allowed two hampers per month for a total of 10 visits per academic career. 

  • After 10 visits if you feel that you still need assistance, upon your agreeance we will send you to visit Counselling services to determine if you can continue to recieve hampers for the next academic year.

  • If you require more than 2 per month, there are other avenues you may pursue, such as the Interfaith Food Bank or the Food Bank Society.

Other Important Information

Why is there limited service?
The Food Bank is a not for profit volunteer run organization.  We are also a very small Food Bank with limited resources.  Our goal is to try to help as many students as possible, however, we are limited in what we can offer.

Therefore, we ask that if you need additional help beyond receiving hampers twice a month or 10 times per academic career, that you seek out other services which will be better equipped to meet your need.  By doing this we will be able to continue to offer this service and hopefully we will never have to turn someone away because we don't have food.

If you have any questions regarding the ULSU Food Bank you may contact food.bank@uleth.ca or phone Shelley at 403-329-2039.